Collected Works of Josef Stalin: Volume 1

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oleh Joseph Stalin
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While it might raise eyebrows in the urbane and largely liberal dominated corridors of academe to publish the collected works of one of the Twentieth Century’s most debated and misunderstood revolutionaries, Josef Stalin’s Collected Works are none the less accessible and important, and they deserve to be studied not only as world-historical and practical applications of the development of Marxist-Leninist political theory, but—especially in an era where the rise of destructive imperialisms and the decay of capitalism leads to an ever-increasing fascist reaction—also as normative political-theoretical texts in their own right. As foundational theoretical texts, Stalin’s writings continue to underpin extant socialist state governance, policy, legislation, and practice.

With the world presently on the brink of a Third World War, and while a virulent pandemic continues to rage across the globe, it is important to remember that Stalin lived through similar conditions; and, because of this, his writings have the potential to speak to us in the present day. His writings showcase his wit and his charm, his revolutionary fervor, and his engagement with the people during a time when the whole world seemed to be in upheaval. Now, in our own time of upheaval, it is critical that contemporary organizers, scholars, and theorists have easy access to these works.

This project is entirely a labor of love. No profit is being made from these books, and their publication is a collective effort from the comrades at Iskra Books—our goal is simply to get these volumes printed and distributed amongst the proletarian workers, organizers, and scholars of the world.



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