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The story revolved around Hidayat, the sole survivor of a brutal mob attack that killed his entire family. Hidayat was a young boy when he witnessed his father, mother and brother butchered to death right in front of him in the living room of his house.

This happened one night during the chaotic period of the 1965 purge in a small town in Java.

The incident led to the mass killing of over a million innocent people that marked the infamous dark period in Indonesian history.

Hidayat grew up full of hatred and vengeance, feeling life had cheated on him. At school he became a bully, vented his frustration by picking on small and weak students. After leaving school he formed a group of pick pocket gang with his two friends. But they were caught by the local police who in turn exploited and made the gang work for them.

With the security connection and backing from the police, the gang activities escalated from petty to serious crimes.

In the meantime, his love life played havoc on his adult life as he hated and distrusted anybody who showed warmth towards him.

His life took a turning when by chance he met Ariana on a train journey from Jakarta to Bandung, a lovely mountainous city known for its beautiful ladies and architecture from colonial time.

A relationship rapidly developed between the two young people. But unknown to him, the gorgeous Ariana had a problem of her own, and that further complicated his life even more.

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