Is Science Enough?

Forty Critical Questions About Climate Justice

oleh Aviva Chomsky
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Why social, racial, and economic justice are just as crucial as science in determining how humans can reverse climate catastrophe

We are facing a climate catastrophe. A plethora of studies describe the damage we’ve already done, the droughts, the wildfires, the super-storms, the melting glaciers, the heat waves, and the displaced people fleeing lands that are becoming uninhabitable. Many people understand that we are facing a climate emergency, but may be fuzzy on technical, policy, and social justice aspects. In Is Science Enough?, Aviva Chomsky breaks down the concepts, terminology, and debates for activists, students, and anyone concerned about climate change. She argues that science is not enough to change course: we need put social, racial, and economic justice front and center and overhaul the global growth economy.

Chomsky’s accessible primer focuses on 5 key issues:

1.) Technical questions: What exactly are “clean,” “renewable,” and “zero-emission” energy sources? How much do different sectors (power generation, transportation, agriculture, industry, etc.) contribute to climate change? Can forests serve as a carbon sink?

2.) Policy questions: What is the Green New Deal? How does a cap-and-trade system work? How does the United States subsidize the fossil fuel industry?

3.) What can I do as an individual?: Do we need to consume less? What kinds of individual actions can make the most difference? Should we all be vegetarians?

4.) Social, racial, and economic justice: What’s the relationship of inequality to climate change? What do race and racism have to do with climate change? How are pandemics related to climate change?

5.) Broadening the lens: What is economic growth? How important is it, and how does it affect the environment? What is degrowth?



“In each very readable section, Chomsky dissects the root questions behind current conversations…Chomsky deftly navigates the questions that muddle people’s thinking on the issue, like those having to do with food, air travel, and whether or not to buy a Prius…This book will give them some ideas on what to do and how to do it.”
The Progressive

“Chomsky makes a convincing case that capitalism bears a heavy responsibility for the current situation, and she offers a superb education on efforts to reduce emissions.”
Kirkus Reviews

“This is a worthwhile contribution to the growing body of work on the ethics of climate change.”
Publishers Weekly

“Highly readable and accessible.”
Science Magazine

“In a world where everyone seems to have answers but only to the wrong questions, Chomsky offers clear, next-level inquiries into what science and technology can actually deliver. Should you buy an EV? Become a vegetarian? Invest in energy tech? Chomsky’s grounded and astute questioning charts a brave path through the dubious assumptions and hype holding us back from meaningful action.”
—Ozzie Zehner, author of Green Illusions and producer of Planet of the Humans

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