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A powerful novel of mothers and daughters, and how we imagine our future, from acclaimed author of BECOMING UNBECOMING


‘This is a disturbing and necessary book for our times, because it leaves us with a question. In EVE, Una describes a society in crisis, a dystopia which grows ever more familiar as we turn the pages. The characters are people we know, their conversations are words we’ve heard, their fears and anxieties are our own. Una has held up a chilling mirror for us, and leaves us with a choice – what kind of world will we make for ourselves? It could go either way….’ JACKY FLEMING


In the near future, in a world that seems just like our own, Eve grows up in a loving family that is increasingly threatened by a society which seems to be sleepwalking into totalitarianism. After a catastrophe that changes everything, Eve must set off on her own to try to survive and find a new way to live.

Eve is a book of mothers, daughters, human relationships, trust and community, human weakness, conflict, hopeful futures and painful pasts. It is speculative fiction that feels incredible timely: Una explores the rise of authoritarianism on both the political right and left and images where it might all lead.

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